La médecine chinoise est composée de cinq branches, ou bien cinq modalités de traitement. Chacune de ces modalités sont unies par la théorie de la médecine chinoise, qui repose sur le concept de libre circulation de l’énergie (Qi) dans le corps. Lorsque l’énergie ne circule plus librement, un blocage s’installe et il y a apparition de symptômes. Par différentes méthodes, le praticien cherche alors à rétablir une circulation fluide du Qi.



Tuina Massage

  /  Tuina Massage

Tuina is a unique form of massage therapy that integrates myofascial release and craniosacral therapy with the theory of acupuncture meridians. A wide variety of manual techniques make it essential in the treatment of muscle and joint pain, but also in the integration of repressed emotional traumas in the body.

Combined with Qigong, Tuina offers a complete postural and energetic realignment.

The Tuina practiced by Bertrand Loranger, Ac. comes from the lineage of Vince Black and Ethan Murchie, who passed on a therapeutic practice closely related to physical conditioning through Gong Fu (Kung Fu in the former translitteration). Qi Gong and Gong Fu are two closely related practices, if only by the word Gong, meaning “work”. Sustained work on energy in order to allow the being to unfold in a form conducive to the expansion of his energy and the cultivation of his mind, this is what this approach proposes.