La médecine chinoise est composée de cinq branches, ou bien cinq modalités de traitement. Chacune de ces modalités sont unies par la théorie de la médecine chinoise, qui repose sur le concept de libre circulation de l’énergie (Qi) dans le corps. Lorsque l’énergie ne circule plus librement, un blocage s’installe et il y a apparition de symptômes. Par différentes méthodes, le praticien cherche alors à rétablir une circulation fluide du Qi.



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You may feel a bit of a pinch on the insertion, but the following sensations vary a lot from a person to another and depending on your state on the moment. They may be surprising or unfamiliar, but they’re rarely painful. Most people enjoy receiving the treatment, as it can be deeply relaxing for body and mind.

aiguillesThe diameter of an acupuncture needle is about 25 times smaller than the diameter of a syringe. It is thus barely percievable. Most people describe some sort of tingling or numbness or a feel a light twinge towards a particular direction (usually following the meridian’s pathway!).

Yes, acupuncture is safe when the practitionner is qualified. The qualified acupuncturist knows all of the underskin anatomy at the acupuncture points and around the muscles. They will always place the needles in the right angle with the right depth in order to avoid more fragile structures such as viscera, blood vessels and nerves.

It is worth mentionning that the needles we use are always sterile and disposable with the biomedical waste.

The main side effect is a postive one on stress… after a treatment, you may feel lighter, more into the present moment or more grounded. The relaxation brings you closer to your body sensations and towards a positive mind set that enhances self-healing. But no worry, a few minutes will bring you back your usual awareness.

When treating some conditions, one must be aware that within a period of a few hours up to a day, there may be discomfort as the body is actually reajusting itself toward balance.  This phenomenon, which we call the ”healing crisis” is well known in any natural medicines.

It varies according to the gravity of your issue. A sport injury my take only a few treatments (1-2). Other problems such as mentrual irregularity may need a 2-3 cycle follow-up with weekly appointments. which doesn’t mean you won’t feel benefit after 1-2 treatments.

A chronic problem though may take longer engagement from your part (ex.: fatigue, hypertension, migraines…). The good news are that social acupuncture facilitates such engagement on the financial level. One may foresee one treatment per each month the condition lasted. Again, improvement is to expect after 3-4 treatments most of the time. When it gets better, it’s a good idea to keep coming to see us. When a condition took years to settle, it may take a few months to move it away.

Yes. If you have health private insurance, acupuncture will probably be covered.

By offering lower fees, we wish to allow you the maximum of treatments within the limit of your insurance policy. The frequency of the treatments is a key factor in the success of our work together.

Yes, we are members of the Board of the acupuncturists of Québec :   l’Ordre des Acupuncteurs du Québec. 

Also exists our association: l’Association des Acupuncteurs du Québec for more information.


We wish everyone to be welcome in our clinic, for all the good reasons we’ve mentioned on this website.

The underlying theory of acupuncture is quite vast. In a nutshell, we could say that inserting needles in some specific points of the body is a way to restore balance in the whole energy (called Qi). We find points that are more sensitive and others that are softer. When Qi stagnates, the point will feel more sensitive and we’ll work on dispersing Qi for this point. Softer and unsensitive points are the ones we need to tonifiy.

There is more than 360 classic points along pathways we call meridians (all these chinese terms could find better translations, obviously). these pathways link the upper parts with the lower parts, the Inside with the surface, in other words… the Yin to the Yang.

Each point has a specific functions and when we combine them together, thay interract as a definite message sent to the body-mind complex to find its balance back. Just like the word of a sentence, a good treatment has a clear syntax among the system of understanding of Traditionnal Chinese Médicine.

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