La médecine chinoise est composée de cinq branches, ou bien cinq modalités de traitement. Chacune de ces modalités sont unies par la théorie de la médecine chinoise, qui repose sur le concept de libre circulation de l’énergie (Qi) dans le corps. Lorsque l’énergie ne circule plus librement, un blocage s’installe et il y a apparition de symptômes. Par différentes méthodes, le praticien cherche alors à rétablir une circulation fluide du Qi.




Acupuncture is a specific tratment among Chinese medicine 5 branches. Well known and recognized in Quebec, it results from an in-depth knowledge of energetic physiology, namely the theory of meridians and its application. Through different methods of evaluation and treatment, the acupuncturist facilitates the circulation of energy (Qi) in the meridians and organs.

As herbalism is not subject to any legal framework for the protection of the public, it has been established in 2021, that I am no longer allowed to prescribe herbs from the Chinese pharmacopoeia as an acupuncturist and any request to this effect must be the subject of separate practices. I therefore invite you to contact the reception of the Gongfu Research Center, dedicated to the study and sharing of knowledge around Chinese medicine, to find out about how the herbalism services can be offered. In various training formats, I can guide you toward more informed choice regarding the possibilities and risks of taking Chinese herbs in the current context. The contact details of the Center are those displayed at the bottom of this page.

Tuina is a unique form of massage therapy that integrates myofascial release and craniosacral therapy with the theory of acupuncture meridians. A wide variety of manual techniques make it essential in the treatment of muscle and joint pain, but also for the integration of emotional charges and traumas accumulated in the body. Combined with japanese Moxa and Qigong, Tuina offers a complete postural and energetic realignment.


Your acupuncturist

On December 1, 2022, I will return to my practice in Montreal at the Montreal Gongfu Research Center with the intention of offering stable support to the community. Two main services will be offered: acupuncture integrated with tuina in the approach of Classical Chinese Medicine (Monday and Wednesday) and social acupuncture (Thursday evening). You are invited to make an appointment via the Centre’s online portal or by contacting the reception. The link and contact details can be found on the “Appointment” page of this site.


Since 2015, my practice has revolved around three main areas: Tuina massage, from the lineage of Vince Black, Kampo herbalism, from the lineage of Dr. Otsuka and acupuncture in the classical tradition of Jeffrey Yuen. The classical tradition allows an in-depth approach to your health issues by questioning both the physical and emotional aspects from a holistic perspective.

The 1st appointment is always done in acupuncture and includes the evaluation and the treatment. During this meeting, we initiate a dialogue to determine the most appropriate treatment plan for you. Depending on your needs and expectations, there will be the possibility of using one or more of the services offered.


Bertrand Loranger, Ac.